Big History Institute

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Connecting Knowledge

The Big History Institute provides a hub for scholars, educators, students, members of the public, and partners from across the research, government, non-profit, and business sectors. Our innovative educational, research, and outreach initiatives work to advance Big History around the world.

Big History connects knowledge. Big History tells the story of the universe from the Big Bang to our complex modern societies by drawing on insights from disciplines such as astronomy, physics, biology, archaeology, history, and economics.

Big History empowers students by showing how different knowledge disciplines are connected, and helps them reflect on the big questions: Why does our universe exist? Where do we come from? What challenges will the future hold for our planet and ourselves?

Big History enables scholars to pursue research questions across disciplinary boundaries, and offers fascinating possibilities to test new ways of thinking. Big History provides a powerful framework to address complex real-world challenges.

Big History resonates 
around the world.

Big History has leapt into the global consciousness.

Professor David Christian's TED talk on Big History has attracted enormous interest, generating 6.2 million views and counting!

Watch Professor Christian narrate a complete history of the universe in a riveting 18 minutes.